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Women With Sparkle

You see what you’re wearing today? You can’t wear that on Thursday!

  • 11th July 2017

OUTFIT: Dress- ASOS; Shoes - ASOS; Bags for life- Model's own

This Thursday you and me are getting dressed up! The reason? I’m sick of looking crappy and need your help.

I used to make an effort with my appearance all the time. As a chubby toddler I loved a tutu and tiara. As a mardy teen I’d spend ages fixing my gel-sprayed ponytail and applying a Rimmel shimmer lippy. At Uni, taking 2 hours to get ready was normal, as was straightening my hair to within an inch of its (Atomic Kitten) life.

I then joined the rat race and would make a BIG effort every day for work and after-work drinks. At weekends there were endless parties, weddings and girlie getaways. I was ALWAYS going out. I was AWAYS getting dressed-up. But out of the blue, it all stopped! I got married, got a dog, moved away from London and started working from home. Clothes became functional not frou-frou.

At first I embraced this new era of “not caring” and wearing leggings and egg-stained t-shirts. Sometimes I showered, sometimes I didn’t. Shaving my legs was unnecessary, my make-up bag was redundant and I was happily morphing into Junior Gorg from Fraggle Rock. I swerved mirrors and apologised to my hubby on a daily basis for not bothering to look nice, although I wasn’t really sorry, I kinda enjoyed being a slob.

But then I stopped enjoying it. It went on for too long – like when you eat too much junk food and start to miss salad. I missed looking and feeling nice. I would day-dream about getting dressed-up, doing my make-up and feeling feminine and sexy. I wanted people to say “oooo you look nice” instead of “you look tired”. And I know for sure that I’m not the only woman who has missed hanging out with her sparkly (and showered) self!

I speak to loads of lovely ladies who tell me that they wish they could wear something pretty instead of practical but no longer have the social lives or spare cash for it. The weddings, parties and nights out are not on the calendars anymore and no one wants to handle other women crowing: “ooo you’re VERY dressed up” if we so much as wear mascara. It sucks because our confidence seems to drop as our age increases, so we just don’t put on the old “razzle dazzle” like we used to.

Well, my t-shirt toting totties – this Thursday it all changes. We’re not going out but we ARE getting dressed-up! The reason? It’s ‘Sparkle-up Thursday!’ Women who stay at/work from home do not need a dress-down Friday – EVERY day is a dress down day – but they do need a ‘Sparkle-Up Thursday!’ If you’ve veered off from the land of sexy, snazzy and stylish into comfy, casual and lazy then I’m asking you to mix it up and add some sparkle.

If you work in an office and always wear drab, dull, “don’t look at me” clothes, then you too must add some sparkle this Thursday. It can be literal sparkle (there’s now a reason to buy that metallic midi-skirt you spied in TK Maxx) or upping your normal/non-existent beauty routine, but, ‘Sparkle-Up Thursday’ is the day you say: “What would I LOVE to wear today?” and “What would make me feel less crappy and more sassy?” Regardless of whether you’re walking the dog or washing-up, it’s time to sparkle-up! Life is too short to not feel lovely at least once a week, don’t you think?


  • wear sequins to the supermarket
  • wear a tiara while you tackle a pile of washing
  • wear a tutu as you navigate teatime
  • wear skyscraper heels to watch TV
  • wear perfume to walk the dog
  • wear pleather instead of pyjamas
  • wear a ball gown to put the bins out
  • wear sexy lingerie under your leggings and t-shirt
  • paint your toenails and/or shave your legs
  • wear something you love and think is fashionable but your partner hates (in my case it would be dungarees like my fashion hero Jane from Rod, Jane and Freddie!)
  • try mom jeans or a bright lipstick or some big earrings
  • if you always wear black or grey (you know who you are!!), wear a pop of colour
  • throw some velcro rollers in your hair while you make a cuppa
  • at the very least, have a shower and take more than 5 minutes to get ready

Let’s dress-up, experiment and have some girlie fun again like we used to. Let ‘Sparkle-Up Thursday’ be the day you feel more feminine, flirty, fashionable and like the gorgeous, sparkly version of you that’s still there – she’s just hiding under that egg stained t-shirt!

  • THIS THURSDAY for just an hour or the whole day, dress-up a little or in a big way! Then just do normal life.
  • Spread the word and share this post to all your gal pals
  • If you’re on social media then take a pic of yourself and post it on Instagram with #SparkleUpThursday #WomenWithSparkle and tag@womenwithsparkle so I can see you all looking blooming fabulous!

Big love,

Sally x