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You do this to your body every day and it stinks!

  • 8th November 2017


Do you have a toilet that flushes? I’m aware this isn’t the sparkliest of blog starts BUT stick with me. Does it flush the waste through a pipe and take it straight out of your house? Ok, good start.

Now what would happen if you blocked up half of that pipe? I’m not a plumber, but I’m guessing that the waste would simply move out a little slower at first. Then, gradually, it would just block up and the poos and wees would most likely spill back into your house. Not so good.

So we’ll agree that blocking up your toilet’s waste pipe is not a good idea.

But, you know what, this is what most of us are doing every day to our bodies. Our body is designed to get rid of the toxins from our food, skincare products, water, and the air we breathe, so that we stay healthy and don’t get overloaded with nasties.

Our skin (being our largest organ) is one of the best waste removal systems we have. It sweats to regulate our body’s temperature, but also to remove toxins, so that our immune systems (and body) can stay strong and disease free.

That’s why we need to sweat. There are incredible health benefits to our body when we sweat. BUT, for decades we’ve decided just to block up our armpits! I get it – we want to control when and where we sweat. We want to sweat when we exercise or have a sauna and we may allow it when we sunbathe, but we don’t want to sweat every day and we certainly don’t want to smell.

At some point, we decided that the sweat glands in our armpits were more embarrassing than they were useful, and so we blocked them up with “anti-perspirants” (although technically we should call them “anti detoxifiers” because they stop us detoxing).

Just like the half-blocked up toilet pipe, if we block a whole load of our body’s sweat glands in our armpits, we are not getting rid of the levels of toxins that our body needs to, and so they stay inside us, when really we NEED them out.

To stink or not to stink?

Like I said, I get it. I’m a Sparkly Senorita not a Swampy Stink Monster. I don’t want to smell or get sweaty underarm rings on my t-shirt either, but I now realise that I was paying a high price to block my armpits up with chemicals and not let my body do what it needed to do.

Before I get to the good news, here’s what you need to know. After having two operations to remove a breast tumour at the age of 30, I researched all the things I could do to stay healthy. One thing I learned was how important it is to let your body eliminate toxins. I now know how important it is to not overburden your body with unnecessary substances that will disrupt your hormones. I also learned that many anti-perspirants use aluminium salts to block your sweat glands and that there is a possible link with this and breast cancer. Feel free to read this and this.

Yes there will be plenty of people saying “oh there’s no link”, but let’s remember that for years there was “no link” between smoking and lung cancer. I’m not taking the risk with my health and I’d love you not to either.

Fun fact – your sweat doesn’t actually smell, it is only when it mixes with the bacteria on your skin that it creates your own unique smell (fondly called B.O). I’ve done lots of the work for you in terms of what you can use instead of the chemical deodorants as I know that us ladies need 1) something that allows us to sweat but also keeps us dry and 2) something that stops us smelling like a mixture of a hamster’s cage and a darts player.

I started using natural deodorants about eight years ago and I’m telling you – these were not pleasant times for me! I tried nearly every natural deodorant out there and many of them made me smell worse.

Luckily for you, and me, they’ve come a long way and so I can now shout about them from the rooftops! I also don’t have to feel bad when I tell my clients who are seriously ill that they need to change their deodorant, as I know they’ll love the results.

Here are my top 3 favourites natural deodorants that help and not harm your health and hormones (although we are all so different, it will be trial and error to find the best one for you). But please persevere and find your perfect natural deodorant. You lovely ladies need to remember that this is something you use every day and it’s very important.

1) Aurelia Botanical Cream Deodorant
THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE!!! GET IT ON YOUR CRIMBO LIST!!! When this deodorant came out, I was in heaven, as I had been making my own (similar paste formula) and I just didn’t have the time/couldn’t be bothered anymore. Yes, this is far more expensive than you would ever dream of paying for a deodorant, BUT a pot lasts me about 6 weeks. It’s a paste that you apply with your fingers like a cream to your armpits. Sounds weird I know but it blooming works! It contains Kaolin (to absorb wetness), shea butter to moisturise and a host of essential oils that smell INCREDIBLE and prevent you from smelling of anything but roses. As with a lot of natural products, I reapply this half way through the day – but again we all sweat/smell differently so you may not need to. Don’t say it doesn’t work if it doesn’t last you for 12 hours – any product that claims to have “staying power” is normally not great for your body. You can buy this beautiful, deodorant (and read the many reviews/praise (including from Vogue) and see the awards it has won) here 
Sadly I am not being paid for this rave review 🙂 BUT it’s enough to know you lovely ladies will be helping your health.

2) Neals’s Yard Rose and Geranium Roll on.
Aurelia is my favourite but I know some may be put off by the price or the new way of applying deodorant. If so, Neal’s Yard has come up with this baby! It contains bamboo powder to absorb moisture and essential oils so that you smell simply lovely. Again, it will be down to your individual body as to how long the properties work, but I would suggest reapplying half way through the day. You can buy it here (I am an NYRO consultant so will get commission for this purchase).

3) Make your own!
For those of you who love to get crafty/make things, then here is a recipe for you to make your own health protecting deodorant.
It may take a while for you to find the amounts of baking soda that work for you, but just add more shea butter or coconut oil if you find your armpits not feeling so sparkly.

Keep in mind, that as you change over from chemical to natural deodorant, some people may smell more as your body is detoxing, but KEEP PERSEVERING, it does get better and better. Just use more natural deodorant to counteract this. Exfoliate your armpits to help get rid of clogged pores/dead skin as well.

I swear, when we realise the extra chemicals used in the sprays/roll-ons that are out there today, our children will think we were MAD for ever using sprays that contained aluminium and other chemicals we had no idea how to pronounce (in the same way we’re horrified to find out that the cosmetics Queen Elizabeth and her contemporaries used contained lead and did tremendous damage to their skin and bodies. It quite literally poisoned them).

This is your long-term health we’re talking about! So make sure you keep your skin’s “drains” unblocked and super sparkly!

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Big love,

Sally x