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Want to reduce chocolate cravings, anxiety, tiredness and premature wrinkles? Add these 2 things to your bath!

  • 11th October 2017

Lovely ladies, I know that many of you bathe your children every day, or your dogs once a week, but quite often, even your cars are enjoying a decent soak more than you! So you need to stop viewing having a bath as a luxury – and see it is a health necessity that you deserve. Stop making your bodies and minds just “go, go, go” without ever helping them to recover. Take a nightly (or at the very least, bi-weekly) ‘Sparkle Soak’ and reap the rewards in your body, mind and spirit!

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can halve these quantities and put them in a bowl/footspa with warm water for a foot soak. It will still boost your health and happiness.

‘SPARKLE SOAK’ INGREDIENT 1: EPSOM SALTS (approx. 2 cups and soak for 30-40 mins)

Lots of ladies who speak to me worry about their chocolate cravings, tiredness and that their bodies ache “all the time”. You too? This can often mean that you have a magnesium deficiency. Don’t worry, it’s quite common!

Magnesium is such a vital mineral for us and is needed in over 300 processes inside our body to help it function properly. If you’re low in it, you’ll often experience a range of symptoms that can include sleep problems, low energy, PMS and yes, chocolate cravings (in fact, chocolate contains magnesium, hence why our bodies might crave it).

Yes, you can take a magnesium supplement, but it’s not the best way to get magnesium into your body. The best way is through your skin (trans dermally), so magnesium oil is one option, but I love to use Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate). When used in water, the magnesium and sulphate pull toxins out of the skin and put magnesium back in.

Some other health benefits:

  • Eases stress and helps prevent anxiety and depression. (Magnesium plays an important role in the release and uptake of serotonin – often called the “happiness hormone”).
  • Flushes toxins from the body.
  • Prevents and eases migraines.
  • Reduces inflammation in the body to relieve pain and muscle cramps (especially useful during your period).
  • Regulates stress (cortisol) levels, allowing for balanced hormones.
  • Alleviates soreness from sprains and bruises.
  • Helps prevent fluid retention.

You can buy Epsom salts here

‘SPARKLE SOAK’ INGREDIENT 2: FRANKINCENSE OIL (add 8-10 drops to your bath water and mix well)

This stuff is heavenly. The 3 Wise Men really were wise if they gave this to baby Jesus! Frankincense is used in various religions and spiritual practices (like prayer and meditation), as it crosses the blood-brain barrier and is believed to enhance your spiritual awareness and also help “ground” you. It can improve your mood, focus and concentration while reducing irritability, restlessness and impatience (who doesn’t need that?). I discovered this oil after my operations to remove a breast tumour – not only because of its incredible skin healing and reported anti-cancer properties, but for the calming effect it had on me.

Some other health benefits:

  • Helps with anxiety and depression.
  • Boosts your immune system and can help prevent illness.
  • Prevents premature skin aging and helps to heal skin problems or scars.
  • Eases digestion
  • Acts as a sleep aid
  • May help shrink or prevent certain tumours
  • Balances hormone levels (which you KNOW is a major key to your health and happiness – if you didn’t know this, then you need to read this asap).

Always buy good quality essential oils or products containing Frankincense so that you get the best therapeutic properties. I only ever buy Neal’s Yard or Tisserand. You can buy your Frankincense oil from my NYRO Sparkle Shop here

To read more/see some of the scientific research on Frankincense, go here

So there you have it – the wonderful and healing ‘Sparkle Soak’ – which can be enjoyed whenever you need it, but is particularly delicious just before bed!

Do not take Epsom salt baths without consulting your doctor first if you are pregnant; suffering from cardiovascular disease; have cuts or burns on your skin; are severely dehydrated; or have any other condition concerning you.

Big love,

Sally x