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Women With Sparkle

Sisterhood: not just a slogan on a t-shirt!

  • 12th September 2017

I recently got to experience something truly spiritual. Four different women, from four different walks of life, refusing to give up on a hopeless situation to help a woman they didn’t even know. The group didn’t do it for personal gain or because they were close friends, they did it because that’s what women do! Women are blooming incredible and (generally) cannot stand to see someone from the “sisterhood” suffering.

And so last Tuesday night at 9pm, a single mum, working in the media from London; a married dog-mum from Oxfordshire; a partying, high-flying businesswoman in Tel Aviv; and a no-nonsense mum and retail manager from the Midlands… all worked together as one powerful group.

One of the women from that group (let’s call her Woman A) was in desperate need of help! In fact, she saw NO WAY OUT. No way out of something that threatened the security of her and her son’s home life which she had tirelessly and lovingly created. She felt alone, scared, hopeless and helpless and like she had no one to turn to.

On a whim, Woman A reached out to Woman B. A long-time friend? Someone going through what she was going through? Nope. A woman she’d recently met on Instagram because of their love of fashion and positivity. They were circumstantially and geographically miles apart. Woman A didn’t think, “I can’t relate to Woman B, we’re too different.” Instead, she thought, “I need a sister on my side”, and reached out to say that things were bad.

When told about the situation, Woman B didn’t say, “Sorry, I can’t relate to this.” She empathised as a woman who’d also been through tough times. And so, [cue the A-Team theme tune] she called in the ‘SISTERHOOD’ and immediately sent out an urgent SOS (ie “Save Our Sister”) to the two other women – who’d never even met Woman A.

Race, age, class and whether one shopped at Lidl and the other Waitrose, had no influence on the situation. It was the fact that a woman and her son needed help that spurred these women to action. They dropped what they were doing and went about calling other women to find lawyers, information, money – whatever was needed to try and help solve the situation.

And something magical happened. Through a random group of women pulling together and refusing to let another woman be bullied or left in despair – the problem was sorted in less than 24 hours. A problem that threatened to crush a woman who herself was used to holding others up. The power of ‘sisterhood’ did this! Us women need reminding of our power when we work together. We need reminding that ‘sisterhood’ is not just a t-shirt slogan!

Recently, social media has been abuzz with women saying they “can’t relate to” other women. They can’t relate to their houses, opportunities, husbands, lifestyles or hairstyles! But, would that stop you helping someone “different” if you saw her sobbing in the street? Would you say: “Mmmm, you’ve lost a parent/had a miscarriage/been diagnosed with an illness but I can’t relate to you because of your charmed lifestyle and honey blonde highlights”? NO! Something would rise up inside of you and you’d want to help her, or at the very least, hug her. That’s what being a woman is. That’s what being part of the ‘sisterhood’ is. It’s instinctive not intellectual.

And if YOU were truly struggling (I’m talking BACK AGAINST THE WALL PROBLEMS – not, you can’t afford the faux fur coat you want) – an ARMY of women – of all colours, sizes, backgrounds and faiths – would rise up for you! We may not all know what it’s like to be a single mum or a millionaire; black or white; a gym-bunny or disabled; a fashionista or a farm worker, BUT we do all know what it’s like to be in pain, hurt, lonely, ill, and scared. We know what it’s like to be in the dark, praying for the light.

So, seek out different women to mix with, learn from, laugh with and love. Stop making the mistake of seeing someone different and saying: “I can’t relate to her”. Let’s be glad to be part of the ‘sisterhood’ whose membership is based solely on being a woman with a beating heart and beautiful conscience. Embrace the ‘sisterhood’, treasure it and reach out to your sisters if you’re in need – they’re all around you and you didn’t realise because you thought you couldn’t relate to them.

I’m a woman; you’re a woman.

We both came into this world with nothing; we’ll both leave with nothing.

We both experience joy; we both experience pain.

We both long to be loved, feel safe and create a more beautiful world for our families.

We both love dancing and music – so what if you like Opera and I like Pop.

We both adore things that smell divine and look beautiful.

We both drink tea – even though one is Tetley and the other Teapigs.

We both have body insecurities that we’re trying to overcome.

We both have eyes that sparkle when we laugh.

We both have salt in our tears.

We both have hopes and dreams that we want to fulfil.

We’re both alive right now and inhabit this crazy, beautiful planet.

We’re both part of the ‘sisterhood’; there’s more that unites us than divides us.

I’m a woman; you’re a woman.


Big love,

Sally x