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Fast, Fab, 40+

Do you want to glow with health and vitality? Do you want to have more energy than you know what to do with? Do you want to never diet again but still lose any excess weight you’re carrying that’s affecting your confidence and sparkle? Do you want to balance your hormones and eliminate any related symptoms you’re struggling with? Do you want to reduce inflammation that causes premature ageing and increases your risk of the BIG diseases that none of us want?

We all do!

That’s why I’m thrilled to bring you the Fast, Fab, 40+ course! This empowering e-course is led by one of the most sought after and talented practitioners I know – Khush Mark. Khush is a naturopath, nutritionist and homeopath. She has a degree in Pharmacology; MSc in Molecular Toxicology and Pathology; PhD in cancer research and Masters in Clinical Nutrition – so she knows her stuff! Khush has had practices in Manhattan, Harley Street and Richmond and is a co-principal of the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy. She’s the author of the book ‘Fat doesn’t make you fat; and other naked truths’. I’ve had the privilege of working with Khush, taking this course and reaping it’s benefits SO that’s why I was desperate for Khush to let me promote and offer it to you.

More about the course

This course will teach you the skills to:

  • Increase your energy, clarity and mood
  • Drop excess weight (so you can feel like the best version of yourself again)
  • Balance your hormones and help eradicate symptoms like hot flushes, PCOS, migraines, period pain, bad skin, low energy, low moods etc
  • Reduce inflammation in your body (because cellular inflammation is the root cause of all the big diseases that we don’t want to get)
  • balance your blood sugar
  • improve your circulation
  • boost your immune system
  • help your heart health and blood pressure
  • Understand your own body and learn how it communicates with you EVERY DAY
  • Reclaim your decision-making power about your health and base it on sound, scientific knowledge meaning you’ll no longer be fooled by diets, fads, magic pills or big companies who rely on you staying a cycle of losing and regaining weight.
  • THRIVE in your life and body and not just survive

This course will take you through the basics of the science of ‘feasting and fasting’. You’ll learn about food groups, how they impact your hormones, mind and energy. On completing this course, you should no longer be a slave to fad diets, the next superfood, or constantly be worrying about your health. Why? because you’ll be empowered, enlightened, feel healthier and truly understand your body.

Your individual make-up is like no other, so you’ll learn about your own biochemical individuality. For example why are some foods great for some women but not for you – and vice versa? You’ll learn how to listen to your body and how to nurture it and get its cells vibrating at a healthy level so that you achieve optimum hormonal balance. This is key for your mental and physical health.

How much does it cost?


This includes:

  • 22 videos over the 30 days (one every weekday) which are between 10-15 minutes long.
  • Access to the private online group with daily support from Khush Mark for the 30 day duration of the course. As you start implementing the changes, you’ll notice that your body will start to shift. As these changes occur you may have questions or just want to share your experiences as you journey through the science of ‘feasting and fasting’. Khush will guide you and answer your questions.
  • You’ll have a further 30-day access to all the videos if you need to catch up or re-watch the videos. There’s a lot of great information in this course, so you may just need that extra time.
  • You’ll also have the option to join the membership group once you have finished the course. This allows you to have ongoing support from Khush Mark as you continue to ‘feast and fast’. You’ll also have ongoing access to the videos as well as live online question and answer times.

Still undecided?

I personally know what we want as women – we want to look good, feel great and keep our sparkle. Well for me the proof is in the pudding or to be more specific, the teacher who has created this course and follows the advice. Look at the picture of Khush on this page. She’s 50 years old, always glows with health and vitality and teaches (women and men) how we can do that too. I am an alumni of this course and so can personally testify that much of what I learnt on this course I still apply to my daily life to keep my sparkle, energy and sexiness boosted.

nb. The course was originally designed for women in their 40’s who were struggling with their weight and hormonal symptoms (hence the name ‘Fast, Fab and 40+) but women from 30 up to nearly 70 years  have successfully completed and benefitted from this course.


CLICK HERE and purchase this life-changing course (although please scroll to the bottom first and check who I do not recommend this course for).

Also, if you would like some help to get the man in your life in tip-top, weight-losing, disease-protecting, health-boosting, energy-bursting shape, then CLICK HERE for the Fast, Fit and 40+ men e-course.


“So here I am at day 17, feeling excited and alive, something I have not felt for a while now. Almost down a dress size and optimistic that I will not have to suffer the same fate as my mother plagues with osteoarthritis and osteoporosis since her early 60s. Most refreshing of all I feel that this is something I can stick to long term. Roll on the next 14 days.” Wendy

“Everyone is amazed at how I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes in such a short period of time. My chronic candida problem has vanished. Scalp psoriasis is gone too. No more hormonal mood swings and rage closer to my cycle. I have a more positive relationship with food and a deeper understanding of my body and nutrition.” Jenny

“Anyone toying with the idea of signing up, just do it! I can honestly say, as a health practitioner also, what you will learn about your individual bio chemistry is mind blowing. You will be taken on a journey that is such a revelation. I am experiencing major shifts in my weight and hormonal health. I am clearer in my head and in my heart about the direction in which I want to go. It’s a steal at this price for Khush’s experience, knowledge, support and care.” Dipti

“I have energy, where before I had none. I have no pain which before I had a level which I thought was the norm.”  S Johnson-Knight

“I wanted to sort out my hormones and the Fast, Fab and 40+ course did just that. I no longer experience acne breakouts during the monthly cycle, but more so, I do not suffer from migraines. I had migraines from my teens. If you want to be gently guided through fasting and feating and see results, then this is the course for you.” Claire

Who this course is not for…

  • This course is not recommended to anyone who is suffering or has recently suffered from an eating disorder. If this is you then I would suggest booking privately with Khush for a homeopathic session here to support you mind and body.
  • This is not for anyone who wants to be spoon-fed a cookie-cutter diet plan instead of listening and learning from their own bodies. This course is about gaining life-long knowledge as opposed to a quick fix.
  • This is not for anyone who does not want to “do the work” and LEARN about the body-mind connection, food and the actual science behind losing weight, balancing hormones, reducing inflammation etc.


If you choose to buy this course through me then I will receive a commission however, I have paid for and taken this course myself and that’s why I want to offer it to you and would never offer you anything I didn’t 100% back, trust and know for sure can boost your health and sparkle. You are more important to me than commission so feel free to not use my links to buy the course and go straight to Khush Mark’s site yourself to buy the course (the price is the same). I just always want to be open and transparent with you because I appreciate you and believe you are my sparkle sister.

Big love,

Sally x