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Feeling tired and droopy? Add this to your water!

  • 18th July 2017

OUTFIT: Dress- Stylenanda; Shoes - True Decadence; Fishnet socks - ASOS; Belt - charity shop; Bottle of water - model's own

If you were given a beautiful green, healthy, flowering plant and didn’t water it, what would happen? It would quickly change from vibrant green and upright to a sad, lifeless, droopy heap. Not to be rude, but do you ever feel like that? Tired, lacklustre, flat and not like the flowering bloom you once were? You’ll put it down to age, the kids, not eating right – and all of that could be adding to your droopiness BUT often the reason for your (and that plant’s) wilting, is because you need some water!

It makes sense for the plant, right? If you see a plant less than lovely, you’ll automatically give it some water to revive it. But, if you droop, what do you reach for? Let’s be honest, not usually water. We wouldn’t put a crushed-up hobnob and espresso into the plant pot, so why do we continually chuck that into our own bods, when we reeeeeeeally just need some water?

I get it. On the days I’m less than perky, I too want a magic pill to fix my tiredness, lack of energy and sallow skin, but that pill doesn’t exist. I haven’t yet met a client who hasn’t needed and benefited from a watery change of life. From migraines, low energy, low moods, more serious illnesses or just wanting the energy to find a new partner or job – the foundation to getting your body to be the best and most sparkly version of itself, starts with water.

Yesssssssss, I know it is one of the most bandied about and boring health tips: “you must drink more water – bla bla bla”. But, I’m telling you, if you truly want to start feeling more alive, energised and have a non-foggy head, then we’ve got to get you mainlining that H-2-the-O! We get the food/water thing the wrong way round. We feel that if we don’t eat, we’ll die!!! We can’t stand being hungry but allow ourselves to be thirsty most of the time. We dash around, seeing to everyone else’s needs but it can easily get to 5pm and we haven’t had a drink of water (coffee doesn’t count).

Ladies, we’ve got to start treating our bodies as importantly as we treat our kids, friends who pop in, or pets – who all get lavished with drinks. The joke of “ooo I’m so busy I haven’t even had a drink today” is not funny. You and your health are not meant to be the lowest priority in your household.

I could tell you that you need water to:

  • Allow every organ in your body to do its job effectively
  • Enable your body to digest food and produce energy
  • Lubricate your joints
  • Send electrical messages between your cells so that your brain can think, eyes can see, muscles move etc
  • Have plump and not sad-looking skin
  • Help get the toxins and waste out of your body
  • Oh yeah, and stay alive

But I know you don’t need to know any of that or the thousand other reasons why water is wonderful. You’re just keen to feel better, so here’s what I want you to do:

  • Buy 7 bottles of 1.5/2l water (I really like Highland Spring as it is from organic land – this is NOT an ad)
  • On each bottle write ‘SPARKLE WATER’ and the days of the week with a black marker pen e.g. MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY etc.
  • Every day take the bottle for that day and drink it! That’s it. Start with a good glug as soon as you get up (this will help wake-up your body and get everything moving – from your joints to bowels). You need to finish the bottle at least 1.5 hours before you go to bed (so you don’t need middle of the night toilet trips).

At the end of the week see which days there was water left in the bottle and try to work out what threw you off your hydration game. Were you out of the house more? Did you have more meetings at work and didn’t take your water in? Did you decide going to the toilet more was annoying and unnecessary (after 2 weeks your body will adjust to this)? What were the reasons some days you didn’t give your gorgeous bod what it needed and how can you fix that?

Us lovely ladies long to be the most sparkly versions of ourselves and look for quick fixes to boost our energy, beauty, health and sparkle. This week, there is a quick fix and it starts by taking some water + YOU! Water your plants and water yourself and you’ll both be more blooming gorgeous!!!

NB Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this site before embarking on a new health regime. I only drink bottled water due to certain prescription drugs being found in other supplies –, it is vitally important to women’s health that we balance and not disrupt our hormones, so we must choose water sources that help and not hinder this.

Big love,

Sally x