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'Sparkle Soak'

Want to reduce chocolate cravings, anxiety, tiredness and premature wrinkles? Add these 2 things to your bath!

Lovely ladies, I know that many of you bathe your children every day, or your dogs once a week, but quite often, even your cars are enjoying a decent soak more than you! So you need to stop viewing having a bath as a luxury – and see it is…

Want to be happier, healthier, sexier, less tired and NEVER burn out? Here are the 4 things every woman needs to know!

Most women who come to me for consultations are feeling overwhelmed, overweight, have low energy, some form of depression or even serious life-threatening illnesses. As women we are never taught the key to mastering (rather than feeling at the mercy of) our incredible bodies. I don’t want you to go…

Sisterhood: not just a slogan on a t-shirt!

I recently got to experience something truly spiritual. Four different women, from four different walks of life, refusing to give up on a hopeless situation to help a woman they didn’t even know. The group didn’t do it for personal gain or because they were close friends, they did it…

The scars behind my sparkle

I have a 3 ½ inch scar on my chest. For a long time that scar made me cry every time I saw it. It was a constant reminder to me that the happy, free-spirited, sparkly version of me was gone for good. I’d been replaced by a fragile, unhappy,…

This is why Christmas should start in August…

Don’t you just love going on your summer hols? Time to take things down a notch, visit a lovely place, have some yummy food, do some napping (less of that if you have kids, I know), read a book, get some sunshine and just have a break away from your…

Feeling tired and droopy? Add this to your water!

If you were given a beautiful green, healthy, flowering plant and didn’t water it, what would happen? It would quickly change from vibrant green and upright to a sad, lifeless, droopy heap. Not to be rude, but do you ever feel like that? Tired, lacklustre, flat and not like the…

You see what you’re wearing today? You can’t wear that on Thursday!

This Thursday you and me are getting dressed up! The reason? I’m sick of looking crappy and need your help. I used to make an effort with my appearance all the time. As a chubby toddler I loved a tutu and tiara. As a mardy teen I’d spend ages fixing…
WWS shoot 1

Please don’t read this, I’m not ready!!!

I don’t want you to read this blog or look at my website or see my first Instagram snap - I'm serious! I’m not ready! I’m not ready for people to have an opinion about me - about the things I write, or how I look or anything. I’m not…