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Women With Sparkle

5 things you need to leave behind for your sparkliest year ever!

  • 1st January 2019

Happy New Year lovely ladies! (It’s NOT actually your new year, but I’ll get to that in a second).

Before you head straight into the January depression/self-loathing/horrible feelings (that always seem to follow the Crimbo and NYE festivities), I want to give you a sparkle boost! I want you to start 2018 feeling good about yourself and life BUT, for that to happen,  there are 5 things you need leave behind in 2018:

TRYING TO CHANGE THINGS IN JANUARY – Did you know that this isn’t the natural start of your new year?! Nope. Take a look around you. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, we’re still in the middle of winter and grizzly bears are still hibernating!  Sooooo why do you think that this would be the perfect time to force your body to suddenly have the energy, willpower and desire to go running in the cold and dark? Why decide to dramatically limit your food intake or believe you should miraculously have all the positivity and “joys of spring” – when it’s not yet spring (which btw actually IS the rightful start of your new year). By all means celebrate NYE but know that you’re just celebrating the start of the Gregorian calendar (created for political/religious reasons, not for your resolutions). It really doesn’t benefit you to embark upon total life changes in January if you’re tired and not feeling like you’ve got the energy. Just take your cue from nature, you’re still meant to be resting (that’s why it gets dark earlier), relaxing and hibernating. However, the diet companies/gyms/celebs with fitness DVDs love January as it fits in with their marketing calendar, so will shout that NOW is the the time for a “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”. It’s such a load of rubbish, so please stop making money for companies that don’t care about you. I want you to eat delicious soups and stews full of veggies that nourish your body. I want you to stay cosy and continue to go at the slower winter pace if you’re exhausted, but get out when it’s daylight, even just for a walk. Sure, think of some things you can do to make yourself feel better but don’t whip yourself up into a frenzy to do, achieve, grow and “smash” the year ahead just because that’s what everyone else is doing. You have my permission to take more baths instead of going to Body Pump if that’s what your mind, body and spirit are longing for. When Spring arrives you’ll naturally have more energy  and you’ll feel like you want to SPRING into action.

SELF HATRED – This has to go! It’s getting out of hand. We cannot walk into another year wishing that we were someone else. Us women are literally wasting our lives! We need to realise that there are whole industries making LOTS of money from telling us that we have been created wrong. Everything from our hair, eyebrows, boob size, stomach shape , thighs, skin, teeth, nails, vaginas, eyelashes are ALL WRONG! We’re being asked to cut, slice, poison, squeeze, hide, cover, paint whatever areas do not meet the narrow (and ever changing) standards of beauty. Ladies, I want this to be the year we realise how sad we’ll feel when we’re 80 and look back at pictures of ourselves and wish we could go back and enjoy the beautiful bodies we have today. Bodies that would have carried us to every place we dreamed of going if only we decided to love and not loathe them. It’s time to take your eyes off the size of your thighs/stomachs rolls/whichever area you’ve decided is not “right” and just enjoy your incredible self.

PEOPLE WHO CONSISTENTLY UPSET YOU – It’s taken me longer than it should have to REALLY grasp this concept, but what I’ve realised this year is that the more I’m around people who make snide comments; don’t support me in what I’m doing or trying to achieve; find creative ways to knock my confidence; don’t accept me as I am; are constantly down on life; regularly bitch about other people; are obsessed with their weight or focus on what they don’t have – the worse I feel. SO STEP BACK. Step back from the negativity and increase your time with positive people who adore you, think you’re the bees knees, believe you can do anything and also really like themselves. Hang out with people who are brimming with sunshine, love, hope, faith, fun and fabulousness (in real life and on social media). If you do, this time next year your life, business and opinion of yourself, will look incredibly different.

PUTTING  YOUR HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HEART LAST – We over complicate stuff when it’s about looking after ourselves and and say things like: “I have no time for myself”, “I feel so unhealthy”, “I’m utterly exhausted”, “I don’t have the money to see a nutritionist” or “I’ll sort a doctor’s appointment when I’m less busy”.  This has to stop! If you became seriously ill, you’d have to find the time/money/ways to get your health back BUT please don’t wait for that. If you’re exhausted, you need to find a way to rest and yes, it might mean asking for help. If you feel unwell or have anything that you’re concerned about, then you need to go see a doctor/nutritionist/health professional and stop putting it off. If you spend all your time helping other people and have no time to do, try and start all the things that you long to in your life, then you need to stand up for yourself. At least once a day PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Looking after yourself is not optional, it’s an absolute necessity for your and your families happiness.

NOT BEING YOU – Here’s some things about me that I’ve tried to tone down over the years so that I fit in/more people will like me/love me. I tried to tone down my fashion and love of sparkles/faux fur/tutus, so people would think I was stylish. I tried to tone down my love of fun and being silly, so people would take me and my businesses seriously. I tried to tone down how much I love to teach women about their bodies/the foods that can help and heal them, so people didn’t think I was “obsessed” with health. I tried to tone down my need for love and adoration, so I wasn’t classed as “needy”. I tried to tone down my spiritual side, so I wasn’t seen as weird. I tried to tone down my belief that literally anything is possible, so people didn’t think I was a fantasist. I tried to tone down, dilute, change, be chameleon-like and basically not be me. However, this past year, I’ve been the most ME ever! I’ve spoken up for myself. I’ve “sparkled-up”. I’ve been silly AND sexy AND spiritual (who knew you could be all those things!) and I’ve never been happier. It’s exhausting not being you. So start wearing, doing and saying the things that make you you. The world will be a better place for having the real you show up this year.

So, instead of focusing on all you need to add into 2019, first work out what needs to be left in 2018 – then perhaps just have a nap or a lovely walk in the fresh air and enjoy a slow and snuggly January.

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Big love,

Sally x